Choose joy now – Ask us how!

We believe it’s possible and practical to choose joy now – in the moment

It starts with identifying what’s getting in the way, and then working consciously to choose a higher perspective and a more noble response. We encourage this by practicing “spiritual growth tasks” especially when we notice negative thoughts or emotions.

Here’s an example you can try right now: When you feel regret or anxiety, observe any connection with the past or future. Let the feeling go, and bring yourself into an awareness of something positive in the here and now.

This is just one of many activities or tasks we offer that anyone can do anywhere, anytime. It’s free and freeing. It’s a personal, individual choice. And it invites enjoyment of life at a deeper, higher level. See elsewhere on this site for an essay introducing this task and providing more perspective.

Learn more in one of two free upcoming workshops:

  1. Wed., March 18, 2020 at 1 pm at Sunrise Chapel, led by Nathan Gladish (use the contact form to register)

  2. Wed., March 18, 2020 at 6:30 pm at Sunrise Chapel, led by Frank Rose (use the contact form to register)

Experience joy through spiritual growth in a unique and awesome small group.

Our small groups are designed to facilitate personal spiritual growth in a friendly, open, and confidential setting. The groups are free, informal, and ecumenical.

Participants learn from each other through the experiences they share after working each spiritual growth activity as homework on their own.

 Small Group Leaders

Frank Rose
Frank Rose
Nathan Gladish

From time to time, groups form and meet at Sunrise Chapel or a location of the group’s choice, led by such experienced leaders as Frank Rose, and Nathan Gladish.

For more information about group meeting schedules, or to inquire about starting a group, use the contact page to send us a message.

The Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation also offers support to anyone who wants to lead a small group in any location. Contact us to learn about the books and materials available.