We create opportunities for Joy through Spiritual growth

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it’s possible & practical to choose joy now

In the Moment

It starts with identifying what’s getting in the way, and then working consciously to choose a higher perspective and a more noble response. We encourage this by practicing “spiritual growth tasks” especially when we notice negative thoughts or emotions.

Doing these tasks weekly with a group is where the magic happens.

How it works


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We support the formation and continuation of small groups in a variety of ways. Experienced leaders facilitate some groups. Or form your own group > We can help you!

Groups meet in person, online, or hybrid. Group members come from all walks of life. Some groups are short-term, others long-term.

Some groups follow the sets of tasks introduced in the original two books or the card deck. Others choose a theme-oriented series such as forgiveness. You can also pick your own tasks “on the go”.


Choose a group

Fill out the form with your name, email, and phone number.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email from the group leader within 48 hours to confirm the date and time of the group. The leader will also send you the meeting location (online or in-person) and instructions for logging on or directions to the meeting place.


Show up & be open

In our small groups we learn from each other through honest and open sharing. We study, meditate, and pray together. Our guidelines ensure a sense of freedom and safety in sharing, whether members meet in-person or online. We invite you to experience the joy of spiritual growth.

Our Groups

We have some groups running AND we invite you to request the start of a new group or to start your own!

online Wednesday Afternoon (TUCSON AZ TIME)

Led by Nathan Gladish

online wednesday

2:00 pm MT
Women and Men
8 weeks
"Seven ways to follow the lord"

Online Sunday Morning (TUCSON AZ TIME)

Led by Kelly Woofenden

online Sunday

9:15am Arizona time (Mountain)
Women and Men

interested in starting a group?
contact us!

Contact us about starting a group

What time?
who is invited?
how many weeks?
when do you want to start?

In Person Thursday chicago

In Person Thursday chicago

3:30pm CT
Women age 30–50

online groups


In person

Tucson, Arizona

in person

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Topic focused

want to lead a group?

We have materials and an informal mentoring program to help new leaders feel comfortable with starting a new group or taking over the leadership role. All you need is your own interest and curiosity and a few other people who want to start. Leadership is a work of the heart, a volunteer position.

Give Back

Our 501(c)3 organization is a not-for-profit foundation to support people in transforming their spiritual lives. Your donation will help us help more people erase negativity from their lives and choose joy instead!