A deck of 52 Task Cards

“Would you like to try a simple activity to help you feel better right now?”

This is your invitation to write a new chapter in your book of life! It begins by reducing the impact of negative thoughts and emotions, then raising your mind to a higher, more positive and loving perspective.

Easier said than done, right?

“Pick a card, any card!” Use our deck of 52 spiritually-oriented task cards to help you choose joy right now. These cards are designed to help you put negativity in its place and choose a more positive state… one practical, spiritually-oriented task at a time.┬áMany people say that the task they randomly choose is just what they need for that moment and that day.

Read your card out loud and reflect on it in relation to your life experience. Take the challenge of that task and work on it as you go about your daily routine. When you notice any negative thought or emotion, just review the task, apply it to your personal situation, and notice any changes in the thoughts or feelings.

We wish you well as you practice choosing joy in the moment. And we are excited to hear what you learn! Come back to the booth to tell us, or send us your feedback on our Contact Us page.

You can do this activity on your own or in a group. Being part of a safe and confidential small group is educational, motivational, and increases the joy. Learn more about signing up for one of the groups we offer, or simply start a group of your own!