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Online Wednesday Evening (Tucson time)

Led by Mary Valentine and Julia Hilton

online wednesday evening

5:00 pm Tucson time
8 weeks

Online Sunday Morning (Tucson time)

Led by Kelly Woofenden

Online Sunday morning

9:15 am MT
Began March 2021

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Interested in starting a group?
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Contact us about starting a group

What time?
Who is invited?
How many weeks?
When do you want to start?

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In person

Tucson, Arizona

in person

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Topic focused

How to Prepare for Your Small Group

Contact the leader of the group to introduce yourself and express your interest in attending

Get familiar with our small group guidelines

Arrive at the location – or get set up in a comfortable place – a few minutes ahead of the start time of the group to settle in and be ready (whether attending in-person or online)

Consider ordering any resources ahead of time (the appropriate book or card deck) or read suitable online materials.

Online Wednesday Afternoon

The theme of this group is “Follow Me – 7 ways to follow the Lord.” We are using seven of the tasks from the card deck of 52 Tasks for Spiritual Growth to answer the question, “What do You want me to do now?”

Get to know the leader, Nathan Gladish — “I am a pastor, a counselor, and a lover of all things small group oriented. I have been facilitating spiritual growth groups for decades and I have a special place in my heart for ChooseJoyNow groups. I find the Zoom format a very comfortable setting for connection among participants, and I look forward to each meeting. I welcome you to reach out to me and to consider joining my group.”

Online Sunday Morning

The theme of Sunday morning is simple; 52 tasks for spiritual growth. Each of the 52 tasks can be applied to your daily life and help you raise out of the basement of negative emotions to higher self-awareness and joy. So, in this group, each week we choose, at random, one of the cards from the deck of 52 tasks, learn about the task and see how we can use the task during the week to enhance our spiritual life.

Get to know the leader, Kelly Woofenden- “I am a social worker, counselor and life-long desert dweller. I practice meditation. You can often find me on a trail communing with nature or in a small group supporting people on their spiritual journey. I have been leading groups for over 10 years. I love introducing new people to the magic of groups and seeing their faces light up and hearts open. I welcome you to join my group and feel the joy for yourself.”

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