The Joy of Spiritual Growth

Written by Frank Rose and Bob Maginel. First printing 1999. Reprinted 2006. Subject: spiritual growth groups in which principles of Emanuel Swedenborg’s theology are applied to overcoming unconscious behaviors. Rose and Maginel, co-founders of the Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation, guide people to nurture the spiritual dimension of make their lives more loving, effective, and joyful. This first book is a real-life primer for those seeking to experience more spiritual joy.

Recognizing that spiritual growth can be stymied by materialism and external preoccupations, the authors invite readers to use tasks to help tame wild emotions that can control our lives and harm our relationships.

A special feature of the book is the section including reports from members of one of the small groups held in the fall of 1998. Each member shares their struggles and successes in their own words. Their efforts to apply the tasks to daily life underscores the ongoing nature of the spiritual growth process and reminds us that the joy of spiritual growth is linked to enjoying the journey.

Swedenborg Foundation Publishers, West Chester, Pennsylvania




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