Spiritual Tasks

Choosing joy in the moment often takes effort and attention.

When negative thoughts and emotions appear, it helps to have tools to shift the focus to the positive.

This Spiritual Growth program revolves around using tools – or tasks – designed to enhance your spiritual life and your relationship with the Lord.

Suggestions for use of the Deck of Task Cards:

  • Pick a card, any card! Read the task and start implementing it right away to increase your experience of choosing joy.
  • Start at the beginning and work all the way through
  • Sort them into themes or categories, such as “Peace” or “Being good to myself.” Then do one task at a time.
  • Read more about the first 12 tasks in the book, The Joy of Spiritual Growth.
  • Read more about tasks 13-20 in the book, The Joy of Spiritual Living.
  • Purchase our new Deck of 52 Task Cards and use them individually or in a group (instructions provided). (All the tasks in the books are included in the Card Deck.)
  • Join a Spiritual Growth Group for a more interactive, supportive experience. Or gather a few people and form your own group using the guidelines provided.

This page provides a link to each of the 52 tasks in the Card Deck for your use anytime. Many of the tasks have essays giving more information about the task. Additional essays will be added.

Spiritual Tasks Index

Task 1: Waking Up to Spiritual Life

Task 2: Dealing with Negative Bonding

Task 3: Not Identifying with Negative Emotions

Task 4: Letting Go of Criticism

Task 5: Applying the Golden Rule

Task 6: Taming Your Wild Emotions

Task 7: Dealing with Lying

Task 8: Living in the Present

Task 9: Dealing with False Cause

Task 10: Choosing Higher Delights

Task 11: Forgiving Others

Task 12: Handing Your Life Over to Your Higher Power

Task 13: Exploring the Levels of Your House

Task 14: Raising Your Mind

Task 15: Not Taking Credit

Task 16: Being Useful

Task 17: Not Rushing

Task 18: Stopping Advice Giving

Task 19: Overcoming the World

Task 20: Going Upstairs to Pray

Task 21: Practicing Inner Silence

Task 22: Turning a Blind Eye

Task 23: Not Worrying

Task 24: Dealing with Imagination

Task 25: Accepting What Is

Task 26: Speaking the Truth Love

Task 27: Another Form of Lying

Task 28: Dealing with Losing Things

Task 29: Not Feeding the Animals

Task 30: Not Procrastinating

Task 31: Reducing Gossip

Task 32: Giving Up Suffering

Task 33: Observing “It”

Task 34: Naming the Mountain

Task 35: Making an Album

Task 36: Dealing with Anger

Task 37: Agreeing with Your Adversary

Task 38: Honoring Others

Task 39: Not Justifying Yourself

Task 40: Working on Relationships

Task 41: Moving to a Better Place

Task 42: Entering Heaven

Task 43: Learning to Forget Offenses

Task 44: Giving is Receiving

Task 45: Not Judging by Appearances

Task 46: Impatience

Task 47: Respect Yourself

Task 48: Rejoicing in Variety

Task 49: Don’t Give Up

Task 50: Rewards

Task 51: Wake Up

Task 52: Laying Down Your Life

Spiritual Growth Tasks Index
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