Spiritual Tasks Index

Task 1: Waking Up to Spiritual Life

Task 2: Dealing with Negative Bonding

Task 3: Not Identifying with Negative Emotions

Task 4: Letting Go of Criticism

Task 5: Applying the Golden Rule

Task 6: Taming Your Wild Emotions

Task 7: Dealing with Lying

Task 8: Living in the Present

Task 9: Dealing with False Cause

Task 10: Choosing Higher Delights

Task 11: Forgiving Others

Task 12: Handing Your Life Over to Your Higher Power

Task 13: Exploring the Levels of Your House

Task 14: Raising Your Mind

Task 15: Not Taking Credit

Task 16: Being Useful

Task 17: Not Rushing

Task 18: Stopping Advice Giving

Task 19: Overcoming the World

Task 20: Going Upstairs to Pray

Task 21: Practicing Inner Silence

Task 22: Turning a Blind Eye

Task 23: Not Worrying

Task 24: Dealing with Imagination

Task 25: Accepting What Is

Task 26: Speaking the Truth Love

Task 27: Another Form of Lying

Task 28: Dealing with Losing Things

Task 29: Not Feeding the Animals

Task 30: Not Procrastinating

Task 31: Reducing Gossip

Task 32: Giving Up Suffering

Task 33: Observing “It”

Task 34: Naming the Mountain

Task 35: Making an Album

Task 36: Dealing with Anger

Task 37: Agreeing with Your Adversary

Task 38: Honoring Others

Task 39: Not Justifying Yourself

Task 40: Working on Relationships

Task 41: Moving to a Better Place

Task 42: Entering Heaven

Task 43: Learning to Forget Offenses

Task 44: Giving is Receiving

Task 45: Not Judging by Appearances

Task 46: Impatience

Task 47: Respect Yourself

Task 48: Rejoicing in Variety

Task 49: Don’t Give Up

Task 50: Rewards

Task 51: Wake Up

Task 52: Laying Down Your Life

52 Spiritual Growth Task Index
Topic Specific Spiritual Growth Tasks

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