Ask for Help

Task 3

Be willing to ask for help

As children we learn independence. Sometimes in later life we need to learn the opposite. We are dependent on other people. This is not only important for us. By allowing other people to help us, we are giving them an opportunity to serve.

It can be hard to ask for and accept help, but sometimes we have no choice. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Graciously accepting help is one of our main tasks as we enter the end of life phase.

Back in May I was too weak to walk any distance or sit for any length of time. Just then our daughter, Liz, arrived and she and Louise were able to meet my needs, especially for food & drink. Without their help I would have died. In that case I did not actually ask for help, but I welcomed it.

Not everyone who reaches the end of life will need help, though most will. Asking for help is a matter of survival and good spiritual work.


Notice how it feels to ask for help this week