Making an Album

Task 35

When this task was originally formed there were no hand-held devices with which to photograph yourself. It is about taking mental pictures. The purpose of this task is to develop a more complete picture of yourself as a human being.

Imagine that some biographer wanted to write the story of your life. This person would want to listen to your story, of course, but would also want to see you through the eyes of other people. If the biographer had a photographer he or she would want to put together an album of pictures, each one adding to a four-dimensional portrait of who you are.

In this task we are asking you to be like that biographer, but in this case you are an impartial observer of yourself. At least once a day take a moment to look at yourself thoroughly. This can include your physical appearance, your posture, your activities, what you are saying and then, going deeper, your feelings, thoughts, intentions, imaginations, fantasies and a host of other aspects of your inner life. You then paste that mental picture into an imaginary album. Each day you add another picture. In this way you might begin to see yourself more accurately than you have before. You may find that you are not exactly who you thought you were. It is possible that you will see yourself as having many personalities.

You can be like an explorer going into unknown territory. You are not doing this to judge yourself, praise yourself or beat yourself up. It is just a way of getting to know yourself more deeply.

Take a picture of yourself at least once a day, and enter into your journal.