What do folks say after participating in a Joy of Spiritual Growth group?

I’m learning how to leave my basement of anger and make joyful choices from a higher level.


The spiritual growth group really helps me focus on some specifics of what to work on. I find I make more progress by keeping working tasks. I am making progress, and the tasks really help me shift my thinking.


Participating in this group has brought me closer to the other people in the group and has helped me experience times of inner calm and joy.


This has been an opportunity to keep my spiritual growth in the forefront of my mind and be a better person.


Being part of this group has kept me growing spiritually. I am a little further along my spiritual walk than I was before this program. It helps me focus on my spiritual walk rather than charging through life mindlessly.


This spiritual growth program has always helped to lift my spirit so that day-to-day life gets better and more joyful.


The Joy of Spiritual Growth has had a powerful effect on not only my spiritual life but my day-to-day happiness. They cannot be separate. It has affected my relationships, my ability to love and serve, and my ability to cope with chronic pain. I am extremely grateful for the program.


It reminds me what my goal in life is. . . to continue to grow spiritually throughout my life.