Reading spiritual literature is very important – invaluable! whether it is the Bible or theological writings by various authors, or listening to inspirational talks and sermons, in person or online. Choose Joy Now invites you to go beyond just reading. Our goal is to help you practice, practice, and practice spiritual principles in daily life with the help of a supportive small group.

Choose Joy Now encourages you to engage in your individual spiritual growth. Negative forces are constantly influencing us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Choosing joy in the moment begins by becoming aware of those traps. Awareness leads to freedom as we intentionally choose higher, nobler, and uplifting influences.

Working on the tasks of Choose Joy Now is enhanced by what we call the magic of small groups. When people get together with safe guidelines to support each other’s spiritual growth, wonderful things happen – insights blossom, good feelings emerge about oneself and each other, hope grows.

As one group member explained, “The spiritual growth groups are life changing! Over the years they have given me tools to look at myself and my behaviors with motivation and direction to change. I always have a choice in how to think and feel. A priceless gift to anyone who wants to grow in joy!” Betsy G.

The resources of Choose Joy Now revolve around implementing simple tasks and discussing one’s experiences in a safe, small group setting. The small groups generally meet weekly either online or in person. Each group chooses a leader to facilitate or shares the leadership role. Guidelines help keep the group interaction safe and healthy.

On choosejoynow.org you will find 52 spiritual growth tasks and explanatory essays. If you want a handy printed reminder of each of the tasks, you can purchase the 52-card deck. The first twelve tasks and essays are included in the book, The Joy of Spiritual Growth, which also includes the transcripts of group members’ reports on their practice of each task. The second eight tasks are included in the book, The Joy of Spiritual Living, with additional transcripts to provide for reflection.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants each of us to grow spiritually throughout our lives. The theology of the New Church, explained in depth in the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, teaches how we can stop identifying with hellish influences and become more heavenly. Choose Joy Now is designed to encourage each – and all – of us to experience the joys of spiritual life in down-to-earth ways anytime.

“Choose Joy Now” is the online name for the non-profit “Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation.” When we named the site, the domain name “choosejoy” was already taken. We landed on “choosejoyNOW” to emphasize the importance and possibility of experiencing joy in any moment, even challenging ones. 

Our newest iteration of choosejoynow.org is designed especially to help individuals get connected with others in small groups. We encourage you to explore the site and consider gathering a few people to work on a set of tasks together. You can start at the beginning and progress consecutively or choose tasks as a group that speak to a current struggle. Either way, you will be making an intentional effort to progress in your daily spiritual lives.

With love and respect and best wishes,

Kelly Woofenden, CEO the Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation

Nathan Gladish, Sunrise Chapel Pastor and Board member of the Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation